About Rebecca Vizard

For nearly 30 years, Rebecca Vizard and her team have created exquisite pillows using fragments of up-cycled antique textiles. A master in color, scale and composition, Rebecca's designs are distinguished not only by their hand sewn craftsmanship but also through their ability to span centuries and "complete" any room.

"To some, throw pillows are an afterthought. To Rebecca Vizard, they are an art form." — Architectural Digest

After graduating from Newcomb College of Tulane University and traveling the world, the last place Rebecca thought she would settle down would be her tiny Delta town of St. Joseph, Louisiana (population just over 1,000).

"My bottom lip shook for about 4 years until I devised a career that would get me out of town regularly." Now she laments, "you have to watch what you wish for," because there is no other place she'd rather be than home.

After decades of traveling, creating beautiful pillows and interiors, and building a renowned antique textile business, she has come full circle to appreciate the tranquility of Lake Bruin and the talents of the ladies who sew for her.

In recent years, Rebecca has welcomed her daughter Sarah into the fold and the pair have opened two retail locations - one in St. Joseph, LA and a second in New Orleans.

"We all feel very lucky to be able to make a living creating beautiful things in a community with few job opportunities, but a place that offers such peace and tranquility with so much natural allure." — Belinda Prudhomme, Head of Production

You can read more about Rebecca and her pillow empire in her beautiful book, Once Upon A Pillow (published by Pointed Leaf Press in 2015).

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