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Heaux, Heaux, Heaux! Sending holiday cheer from Louisiana

It’s that magical time of the year and we're prepared to make more magic in our Lilliputian town of St. Joseph, Louisiana.


This Friday and Saturday we are having our annual surprise pop-up #savingstjoesale. Once a year (the date always changes!) we do a 50% sale in the St. Joseph shop, our “Global Headquarters” hoping that customers will flood the town, shop with all and feast at one of our two delicious restaurants, Maria’s Mexican and The Walking Pig (named after the legendary old local watering hole). We’ve come a long way folks! Believe it or not, just two years ago there was no place to eat that didn’t also sell gas.


To encourage those who can to make the trek to our village of 1,000, we are opening doors for the sale at 10 am this Friday the 17th. THEN AT 11 AM THE SALE WILL GO LIVE ON OUR WEBSITE. We're asking for a donation of at least $10 with each online order to help the town. (If you're feeling generous, look for the option to purchase $10 donations under "All Pillows") Last year’s donations helped sponsor a town celebration; Memorial Day Weekend's "Party on the Plank" ushered in 1,500 people to shop, eat, and listen to music in downtown St. Joe!

I could not be more proud of our block of historic buildings on Plank Road and the team effort to revitalize the buildings. “Walking the Plank” as we call it is fun and a way to see your sales tax dollars makes a big difference in a small place with a lot of soul.

Now onto heartwarming Christmas memories and traditions!

My dad who my children lovingly dubbed “Touchdown” always whipped up the most delicious Bourbon Milk Punches Christmas morning. As a child, before I got more than a sip of one, Touchdown would always lavish me with a milkshake while he and Mama savored their creamy cocktails. I think slurping down a milkshake for breakfast was a tie if not superior to opening presents. I truly remember thinking every year that my life couldn’t get any better than this!


So in honor of our beloved Touchdown who left this world in August of 2019, I am going to share my favorite Milk Punch recipe so you too can start the tradition of having Milk Punches on Christmas morning. And if you don’t drink, go all in for a Milkshake with real ice cream!!!

We at B. Viz Design can't thank you enough for the love and support so many of you have shown us especially during these last two crazy years. Our wish for Christmas is that there be peace on earth, peace in your families, and peace in your hearts. Let the love, wonderment, and magic of the holiday sink in. And never forget the Reason for the Season!


Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for an Awe-Inspiring 2022!!!


The B. Viz Team
Rebecca, Sarah, Eliza, Bess, Belinda, Monica, Brenda, Mallory, Anna Camille, and Madison


P.S. check out these other amazing businesses leading the Plank Road renaissance:

Maria’s Mexican Restaurant @mariasstjoe

Leslie Ratcliff Art @lratcliffart

River Traders Antiques - Great old school antiques store but you have to visit St. Joseph to shop at this fantastic emporium. You feel like you are on a movie set! Owner Chip Sloan is a fascinating creative character as well.

Pinch of Salt Art - A whimsical artist hang out opened by the Ella and her British potter husband Ben Salt.

Plank Road Pottery - Wonderful local potters dabble on the wheels and create many locally inspired pieces.

Rebecca Vizard